Merchant Exporter

This Solution is applicable only to those Trader / Exporter who:

  1. Source Drugs from Wholesalers / Distributors
  2. Or Third Party do not manufacture a Batch specifically for them

Merchant Exporter has to upload only Tertiary file in TME format without any need for Parent Child Relation -PCR

Our Solution will assist in following to meet the new DGFT requirement:

  • Creation and printing of barcode using existing Computer and Printer. No new Hardware needs to be procured.
  • Consumable – Toner/ Cartridge / Stickers can be procured by Company
  • Manufacturer / Marketer & Product and or batch code data fed once can be automatically picked – Duplication of work is avoided
  • SSCC code series number is maintained thereby preventing duplication of codes
  • System generates TEM xml file for uploading on to DAVA portal as mandated by DGFT
  • Software updates available free or chargeable depending on subscription chosen


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