PraMan Verifier

PraMan Verifier is designed to meet the future requirements under GS1 India. It can also be used to trace counterfeit of products thereby increasing the sales and hence bottom-line.
The product was primarily designed for Pharmaceutical Industry; the same can be used by a product company to keep checks on counterfeit and will also aid them in mapping the distribution and penetration of the Company’s product in various geographies. It can also be used as an aid to directly interact with Company’s customers
Features of PraMan Verifier

  • Counterfeit We have developed an application by which one can differentiate between a counterfeit and genuine product.
    The process is so unique that it is impossible to duplicate the same. Also, the process of verifying the genuineness is simple and results can be viewed almost instantaneously


  • Label DesignLabels designed are compliant to GS1 standard as applicable in United States and can assist a Company to design its own label. It gives flexibility to designer to choose a label from all available standard label sizes or customised to company’s requirement. The label can be for various products and pack sizes. The software has a feature to differentiate between label designer, printer of labels & administrator. The person designing the label has no access to print the same and person printing labels cannot make any changes or reprint the label. Thus code once generated cannot be repeated. This ensures proper delegation of responsibility thereby authenticity of the label and hence product is not compromised.
  • Track & TraceA strip (primary package) can be traced to the last mile. This has been achieved by linking the strip to a packaging unit to a batch.



  • Data GenerationOur solution can generate data of distribution of product in various geographies where the product is sold. This can be used by marketing department to evaluate the product penetration and design their marketing strategy

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