Labeller Solutions

Salient Features of our Labeller Solutions:

  • The system generates 2D & 1D barcodes for Formulation Exporters and QR codes for importer or manufacturer of API
  • Barcodes can be printed both online and offline – i.e. directly on carton or on stickers as per Company’s requirement
  • System is designed to maintained Hierarchy of Work Authorization thereby ensuring Data Security
  • Our system requires minimal hardware thereby ensuring execution of new regulatory requirement is done with least cost
  • Future requirements of establishing Parent child relation can also be created both offline or online and across various process line or location simultaneously. This improves operational efficiency and reduces cost
  • System generates also store generated data and can be customized to meet any future regulatory requirements or any specific requirements of customer
  • Hardware / Consumables can be procured by your organization independently / directly

We have developed and are offering following two products, Company to choose one depending on the workload of the organisation

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