PraMan Labeller

PraMan Labeller will assist in following to meet the new DGFT requirement:

  • Creation and printing of barcode both for online and offline system requirement – i.e. directly on carton or on stickers.
  • Minimum Hardware requirement
    1. A window based PC / Laptop with 2GB RAM per line. Flexibility to move this setup to whichever line is used. Existing or used PC/ Laptop will also work
    2. A Scanner
    3. Printer – TIG if printing directly to carton or Office Printer for offline printing
  • Consumable – Company can use any consumable
  • Parent child relations can be created simultaneously across all process lines. This ensure the process time is reduce
  • Hardware / Consumables can be procured by your organization independently / directly
  • Software updates available free for the contracted period
  • Product and or batch code data fed once into a system can be used across different CMO - data are automatically picked once fed
  • SSCC code series number is maintained at Company level and not CMO level thereby preventing duplication of codes across various CMOs
  • System generates Product, Batch and TSP xml file for uploading on to DAVA portal as mandated by DGFT

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