PraMan Labeller

PraMan Labeller will assist in following to meet the regulatory requirement:

  • Creation and printing of barcode both for online and offline system requirement – i.e. directly on carton or on stickers.
  • Minimum Hardware requirement
    1. A window based PC / Laptop with 2GB RAM per line. Flexibility to move this setup to whichever line is used. Existing or used PC/ Laptop will also work
    2. A Scanner
    3. Printer – TIG only if printing directly to carton
  • Hardware / Consumables can be procured by your organization independently / directly
  • Software updates available free for the contracted period
  • Product and or batch code data fed once into a system can be used across different CMO - data are automatically picked once fed
  • Regulatory requirement of unique SSCC code series number is maintained at Company level and not CMO level thereby preventing duplication of codes across various CMOs
  • To meet any future requirements:
    1. System can generate Parent-child relationship across all process lines. This will ensure processing time is reduced
    2. System can also generates Product, Batch and TSP xml file for uploading on to any portal as mandated by DGFT

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