Time Management


It has been observed that marking attendance through Card has limitation in terms of proxy usage and loss or damage to the card. Similarly, it has been observed that biometric readers are not effective in regions with extreme weather changes and is also dependent on how employee has kept his fingers during registration and during normal daily usage. Also, it is unhygienic as your finger are exposed to germs and virus of co-workers
Facial Recognition Technology eliminates the above limitation as it is a non-touch technology which takes 3 dimensional photo of the employee to mark their attendance thereby eliminating proxy or using a two dimensional photo for marking attendance. Also, it is intelligent system wherein normal changes in face of any employee can be easily read. The procedure for registration of employee is very fast as it takes less than a minute per employee and is very simple.
We have partnered with one such supplier and can customise the equipment to prompt the starting, closing and lunch time. Also, the device is capable of importing data of selected employees across various offices of the company thereby enabling their attendance even when they are on deputation or travelling to different offices for temporary purpose without affecting their salary processing

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